how to organize floral inspiration for your wedding


As a team of Southern California wedding florists, we’ve seen it all when it comes to wedding inspiration. From Pinterest boards that never stop scrolling to a binder ready to burst with printed images, there’s nothing more daunting that sorting through unorganized inspiration. But, at Isari, we’re firm believers that wedding inspiration doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Today, then, we’re offering up our top tips for how to organize wedding flower inspiration.

How to organize wedding flower inspiration digitally:

Today’s digital world means you can save an image in a millisecond...but, if you don’t organize as you go along, you’ll end up having to sort (and scroll) through endless images when you’re knee-deep in the planning process (no thanks). Staying on top of organizing your images as you go will save you tons of time (and stress) in the end.

  • Divide and conquer on Pinterest: Don't just dump all of your wedding flower inspiration into one overwhelming Pinterest board! Create separate boards for your wedding flower categories: bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony decor, and reception decor are great places to start. Depending on how in-depth your wedding floral plan is, you might even want to create specific boards for tablescapes, floral chandeliers, bar flowers, cake flowers, etc.

  • Use Style Guides to Help You Out: Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or going it alone, chances are you’re using some type of online wedding planning tool. Using platforms like Aisle Planner, you can easily create Style Guides (the equivalent of a board on Pinterest) to organize ideas for your wedding flowers. You can also add notes to images, which is a great way to communicate what it is you love about each image to your florist (a certain flower, the shape of the bouquet, the overall look of the tablescape, etc.). You can then share your inspo with your florist either by adding her to your wedding project or by downloading PDFs of your Style Guides to email (or print).

  • Don’t forget to share: If your Pinterest boards are secret, make sure you add your florist—and anyone else on her team—to them!

PRO TIP: It’s important to know what speaks to you about each image. Be sure you can articulate what it is you like about each photo. Is it the overall aesthetic? A specific flower type? A color? The shape of the arrangement? Knowing these things will help you and your florist design your dream wedding to a T.

Psst...going about it a bit old-school? If your version of pinning and saving looks more like ripping pages from magazines (no judgment here!), just be sure you group as you go. Whether you’re using folders or paperclips, do yourself a favor and keep things organized along the way!

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