Finding a Wedding Florist: Choosing a Pro Who’s a Perfect Fit

Photography by  Elizabeth Messina

Photography by Elizabeth Messina

When it comes to finding a wedding florist, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution—your needs will vary depending on what’s most important to you, your budget, and your desired aesthetic. Keeping those needs in mind, then, as you shop potential wedding florists is key for an organized and efficient path to ending up with the pro who’s a perfect fit. Today, then, we’re offering up our top tips for finding the right wedding florist based on three distinct wedding-planning needs. Read on for our top tips!

1. When client experience matters…

If client experience is at the top of your priority list when looking for a wedding florist, we recommend you start by asking recently married family and friends for referrals. People you know and trust can give you a complete (and honest) picture of what working with their wedding florist was like. Ask them what the planning experience, design process, and day-of experience were all like. Ask how the florist communicated, if they felt she communicated enough, and if she executed their design well and within budget. Also, don’t be afraid to look into reviews and testimonials when you’re shopping florists—a wedding florist should always be able to provide those. If she hasn’t published and can’t provide any, that might be a red flag.

2. When you have a smaller budget…

If sticking to a smaller budget is a driving factor as you shop for wedding florists, be sure you’re honest with potential florists about your budget right out of the gate. Clearly communicate what you can spend and ask if they’re comfortable working with that number or if they have required minimums. While it may not seem fun, leading with numbers allows you to find a wedding florist who you know can deliver on your vision within budget—while waiting to disclose your budget can mean a ton of wasted wedding-planning time. Remember—the right florist is going to be able to work within your budget and design you something you love.

3. When the sky's the limit…

If you’re all about going big (or going home) when it comes to your wedding flowers, one of the most important things you can discuss when shopping potential wedding florists is availability. If you’re planning an over-the-top affair, it may require more than one day to set up—so you want to ensure the florist you’re considering has the right team in place and plenty of time to make that happen. Next, talk about sourcing blooms and volume. Again, if you’re thinking big, it’s important to know if the wedding florist you’re speaking with has trusted suppliers who can deliver on your dreamy vision. Finally, ask to see something from her portfolio of a wedding in similar scale—whatever it is you’ve dreamt up (large-scale installations, massive floral chandeliers, the dreamiest garlands known to mankind), you want to ensure the florist you’re considering has the experience necessary to pull it all off.

As you shop for pros, be sure to start gathering wedding flower inspiration along the way—start by following Isari on Instagram, or reach out today to schedule a consultation!

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