What's in Season: Seven Spring Wedding Flowers We Love

Photo courtesy Corbin Gurkin and the Origine Workshop

Photo courtesy Corbin Gurkin and the Origine Workshop

Spring is in the air—and we couldn’t be happier about it. We love that this super romantic season is all about fresh colors, new life, and—you guessed it—beautiful blooms. From the unmistakable scent of sweet peas to the layered simplicity of ranunculus, there’s just something about spring wedding flowers that we find hard (ok, impossible) to resist. Today, then, we’re breaking down our seven favorite spring wedding flowers—read on for Tam’s top picks!


1. Ranunculus

When it comes to spring wedding flowers, ranunculus top the list for us—specifically the Japanese and Italian varieties. With a seemingly endless display of layer-upon-layer (upon layer!) of delicate petals, this flower is perfect for those seeking a striking, unmistakably stunning flower to add to their wedding decor. Plus, because they’re available in such a wide array of colors, they’re practically perfect for any color palate—whether you’re opting for deep wines and rich burgundies or light creams and pale peaches.  


Why Tam Loves Them: “I love the juxtaposition ranunculus offer. They’re somehow so simple yet brilliantly layered—it’s a balance that’s really striking.”


2. Narcissus: Mostly native to the Mediterranean region, something about narcissus just feels so bright and full of energy—simply put, they’re a happy flower. We love them for an earthy, boho-inspired wedding aesthetic or for al-fresco affairs under the sun. We also would be doing you a great disservice we didn’t tell you about the Greek mythology behind this stunning spring wedding flower: A young man named Narcissus was so in love with himself that he stared at his reflection in the water until he eventually turned into—you guessed it—his namesake flower. (How’s that for history?)


Why Tam Loves Them: “It's a fantasy flower to me. The petals are papery and the bloom has such an intriguing trumpet.”

3. Tulips

No list of spring wedding flowers would be complete without a mention of the tulip. Bright, cheery, and a surefire sign that spring has arrived, the tulip is one of our all-time favorite flowers to work into spring wedding decor—as they seem to have that effect of lightening your mood the second you look at them. Plus, with the right creative mind behind the job, they can be far more versatile than people realize. Our favorite varieties include dyed tulips, belle epoque, and dutch masters.  

Why Tam Loves Them: “I am pretty obsessed with Tulips in the spring. There are so many new colors and varietals—which makes them really exciting to work with.”

4. Sweet Peas

If there ever was a spring wedding flower that made us go weak in the knees, sweet peas are it. Super delicate and romantic, sweet peas work well with a light-and-airy event aesthetic. Depending on what other blooms you pair them with and how they’re arranged, they can feel either endlessly timeless or fresh-and-modern.

Why Tam Loves Them: “I love the dainty feel of sweet peas and how they flutter—that light movement just adds something special to an arrangement.”

5. Lilacs

If you’ve ever walked past a lilac bush in the spring, chances are you had to stop for a second to take in the beauty of the robust blooms and the incredible scent. We’re obsessed with this pretty purple flower for a whimsical spring wedding or a fairytale-inspired affair. They’re a great option for those looking for a lush wedding bouquet—and they can also work to add serious depth to your reception aesthetic as part of arrangements or placed in floral table runners.

Why Tam Loves Them: “I absolutely love the smell of lilacs—it’s so opulent.”

6. Wisteria

When it comes to spring wedding flowers that scream “whimsical,” wisteria takes the cake. A high-climbing vine that produces brilliant purple and lilac blooms, we love working wisteria into a great garden wedding or al-fresco welcome brunch. They’re also a perfect option for au-natural affairs—as, even though they’re undeniably beautiful, they manage to feel somewhat wild and untamed as well.  

Why Tam Loves Them: “When you see it growing outside, it is just so stunning. And, I love that the blooms almost have a chambray feel to them.” 

7. Lily of the Valley

We’re rounding out our list of stunning spring wedding flowers today with one of our all-time favorite blooms: lily of the valley. An often overlooked lily, these tiny little bells are endlessly unique and make for an eye-catching addition to any wedding bouquet. While the bells themselves are small, the charming shape and the way they hang is so intriguing that it makes a seriously mighty impact. We love them for light-and-airy springtime affairs.

Why Tam Loves Them: “They are the daintiest little bells and there is nothing else like it.”

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